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Greensleeves is one of the UK's oldest established lawn treatment providers, treating British lawns since 1998. Through our network of 88 franchises around the United Kingdom, Greensleeves offers a reasonably priced, specialist lawn care service treating customers' lawns with a bespoke feed and weed compound to achieve a deep-green, weed-free lawn.

Here at Greensleeves, we believe there is a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment to be had from looking out onto a well-kept lawn free of weeds and moss. But achieving the dream can be tricky and time consuming. That's why over 60,000 customers turn to Greensleeves as their lawn care expert to help provide the perfect lawn.

Greensleeves use top-quality products with 'no scorch' technology - no need to water in - combined with time-release granules that give a steady supply of nitrogen so as not to produce surge growth, providing a long-lasting, greening to your lawn. Our treatments are safe to children, pets and plants and our service often works out cheaper than doing it yourself!

In addition to our annual treatment programme we also provide specialist scarification, aeration and overseeding services to ensure your lawn remains strong and healthy all year round.

The Difference is in the Detail

At Greensleeves we pride ourselves on the quality of the lawn care service we provide. We are passionate about lawns; we will not cut corners and promise to provide your lawn with the care and attention it deserves.

Seasonal specific fertiliser treatments applied 5 times per year
Moss treatment applied twice a year
All debris cleared and removed from the lawn free of charge*
All lawns receive a personalised treatment plan
Causes of any lawn problems addressed**
Better value for money guaranteed
The first UK national lawn care company to be endorsed by Which?

* relates to debris created by aeration and scarification
** reliant on customer agreeing to services recommended

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