Overseeding is one of the quickest and most effective ways to rejuvenate your lawn. Overseeding is the application of grass seed to your existing lawn which replenishes the old grass and fills in bare patches.

Overseeding is always provided in conjunction with either Scarification or Aeration and is not just about improving the appearance of your lawn it will also improve the lawns quality; increasing shade and drought tolerance whilst also improving your lawns resistance to diseases.

What to expect

Your lawn treatment expert will arrive on a pre-arranged date to carry out your treatment. The length of time a overseeding treatment will take is very much dependent upon the size of the area to be treated.

Why does my lawn need overseeding?

One of the main reasons to over seed is to repair the damaged areas of lawn and to make it look thick and healthy; this will also encourage a harder wearing grass which will withstand added traffic. Another important point is that over seeding will encourage better quality grass varieties which can also help to reduce the incidence and severity of both disease and moss infestation, as well as giving a greener and more lush lawn. Overseeding your lawn can help to reduce the invasion of weeds and moss and also improve the colour and appearance of the lawn.

For the best results overseeding can be successfully done in either spring or later summer or early autumn and preferably after scarification and aeration as the warm weather and well ventilated soil encourages better seed germination. Another point to remember when overseeding is there must be growing time left before winter to give the seeds the best chance of surviving the cold weather.

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Annual Essential Treatments

Our annual essential lawn care treatments are designed to tackle specific issues your lawn may face.

Scarification Treatment


An intense raking of the lawn to remove excess thatch and improve condition.

Aeration Treatment


The removal of plugs from the lawn to reduce compaction and improve drainage.



The application of grass seed to a lawn to fill in and repair bare areas resulting from damage.

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