Summer is the time of year we all use our gardens most so it's important to make sure your lawn is looking its best. Our early summer treatment will see us applying out summer fertiliser, again created specially to maintain that deep green colour and thick lawn.

Our specialist treatment is applied twice in the summer to ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy throughout the summer months. Also, at this time we will provide an important weed treatment that will rid your lawn of many of the weeds that have developed and ruin that uniform appearance.

Controls moss
Stimulates growth
Improves appearance
No need to water in
All of our treatments are completely safe for children and pets

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Seasonal Treatments

Our seasonal treatments ensure that every season your lawn receives the best treatment.

Spring Lawncare


Our spring feed is designed to lift the lawn out of Winter and provide a deep green colour.

Early summer Lawncare

Early Summer

Our first summer treatment is designed to provide the thick, lush lawn we all know and love.

Late Summer Lawncare

Late Summer

Our summer fertiliser will strengthen your lawn, even though a hot dry period.

Autumn Lawncare


Our specialist autumn feed ensures your grass stays healthy and prevents moss & weeds.

Winter Lawncare


As the months become colder we will protect your lawn against moss & fungal diseases.

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