From time to time your lawn may suffer damage from an insect infestation, this is normal and hard to avoid but at Greensleeves Lawn Care we offer a range of specialist treatments that can help control lawn pests as they occur.


The most common diseases we see on British lawns are Chafer Grubs – (Phyllopertha horticola) they are the larvae of the Cockchafer beetle and Leatherjackets (Tipula spp) which is the larval stage of the Crane fly or Daddy Long Legs. See our advice pages link for more detail on each of these insects and the damage they can do to your lawn.


The first step is to correctly identify what problem, if any, your lawn is suffering from and then decide the correct course of action. Greensleeves have access to and will, as appropriate select from a range of professional products that are suitable and approved for use to control lawn problems.

What to expect

Whilst it is often very easy to control or kill these pests once they have been correctly diagnosed it is more difficult to prevent them from returning. It is important therefore to follow a sound turf maintenance program to ensure your lawn is in the best health possible to avoid suffering from these issues. Your lawn manager will be happy to discuss this with you.


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Specialist Treatments

Select from the links below to view information relating to our additional lawn care treatments.

Lawn Renovation Treatment

Lawn Renovation

A full, intensive programme designed to completely transform an extremely damaged lawn.

Spiking Treatment


The creation of small voids in the lawn to facilitate the growth of healthy grass.

Hydration Treatment


The application of a specialist wetting agent to manage hydration in a lawn.

Spiking & Hydration Treatment


The application of specialist treatments to help control diseases occurring in your lawn.

Lawn Renovation Treatment


The application of specialist treatments that can help control lawn pests as they occur.


Lawn Green Up

A specialist treatment that can give your lawn an instant and dramatic “green up”.

Hard Surface Weed Control

Hard Surface
Weed Control

Efficiently tackle weeds on pathways, driveways and patios.

Hard Surface Weed Control

Hard Surface

Keep your patios, paths and decking clean from algae and mould.

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